Digital Connected Health Technology to Improve Patient Engagement on the Rise

As healthcare continues to become more consumer-driven in 2019, healthcare providers are challenged with finding new ways to connect with patients and improve the overall patient experience. On the other hand, patients are looking to exert more control in managing their own care journeys while seeking out providers with advanced technology tools for better patient engagement. It’s important that healthcare organizations prioritize digital technology to ensure that patients are more connected and plugged into their care.

According to a Black Book survey from Q2 2018, “90% of patients no longer feel obligated to stay with healthcare providers that don’t deliver an overall satisfactory digital experience [while] 88% of respondents under age 40 state they will choose their next medical provider based on a strong online presence.” With the cost of healthcare on the rise, healthcare organizations and providers are feeling the pressure to provide more value and a better digital experience for patients — or better recognized now as the customer.

Healthcare technology vendors like Taylor Healthcare understand this shift to healthcare consumerism and are positively changing the way patients connect with providers to engage in their own care with technology solutions like Check-In at Home.

Check-In at Home enhances patient engagement by enabling patients and providers to “connect” with each other to manage their health outside traditional hospital walls. Patients are able to complete their required forms before their care visit securely via the web or integrated within an existing patient portal in the comfort of their own home or anywhere convenient. Not only does this automated pre-registration solution improve data collection and staff efficiency for providers, this solution also increases patient satisfaction levels with reduced in-office wait times and a better digital experience for the patient.

Digital connected health tools like Check-In at Home will be essential for providers to retain patients and empower them to be more active participants in their own healthcare. Healthcare organizations that haven’t yet prioritized improving their patient connectivity with consumer-centric technology run the risk of lower satisfaction scores — and worst, losing loyal patients.

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