Digital Health Tools to Enhance Clinician Engagement

Physicians play one of the most important roles in the lives of their patients — and that’s educating them on how to navigate through their care. With the constantly rising costs of healthcare, patients not only look to their physicians for their medical expertise and care instruction, they’re starting to demand more personalized, higher quality care from their already burdened physician.

Physicians also want to be able to provide the best possible care to their patients but many, unfortunately, are often frustrated with inefficient processes and technology that tend to distract them from taking a completely personalized approach to managing their patient’s health.

Studies show that clinicians spend more than half their day on a computer handling EHR-related tasks. Although technology has been looked at in a mostly positive light in regard to increasing operational efficiency and lowering costs for healthcare organizations, inefficient technology processes have become one of the major causes of burnout among clinicians.  And with physician burnout at an all-time high, health organizations need to look for health technology tools that ease the workload on clinicians — freeing them up to offer higher quality care to the patient.

Physicians need digital health tools that work for them — tools that allow them to operate more efficiently and spend more energy on the patient. Taylor Healthcare’s suite of patient engagement technology solutions were designed to do just that.

Our iMedConsent™ digital content library solution manages and maintains over 3,800 procedure-specific consent forms and over 4,400 patient education documents, including pre- and post-procedure instructions and anatomical images. This digital health tool is available as part of our Informed Consent electronic signature solution or available as a content-only integrated solution in the AppOrchard for Epic EHR clients.

According to a JAMA Survey, “… programs, such as the iMedConsent™ software currently used by the Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals, may free up physicians to address individual patient concerns more effectively.” Our team of board-certified medical directors and physicians review every single consent and education content before publishing to ensure they meet CMS informed consent and regulatory guidelines. Your physicians are able to spend more time ensuring that the patient is fully informed and comfortable with the procedure — helping contribute to increased levels of patient satisfaction.

It’s important now more than ever that healthcare organizations explore digital technology tools, like iMedConsent™, designed to help increase the productivity of your clinical staff. Enabling your staff to work more efficiently and effectively will ultimately allow them to deliver higher quality care to your patients.

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