Patient vs. Consumer: The Consumerization of the Healthcare Industry

The consumerization of health is one of the fastest growing health IT trends for 2019. Patients are demanding to circumvent traditional care models with disruptive technologies that redefine how patients engage with their own care.

With healthcare costs on the rise, patients are beginning to expect more from their providers — including better care and a better patient experience. As patients begin to see themselves more like consumers of healthcare, it’s more important now that healthcare organizations prioritize ways to improve the patient’s care journey with a focus on enhancing the digital experience for engaging with the patient.

Mobile technology has been a consistent trend in improving the way customers engage with a business or service. The healthcare industry is being pressured to embrace this digital trend as well with mobile technology becoming increasingly popular for enhancing the consumer-driven experience. Healthcare technology vendors are challenged to create solutions that benefit both the provider and the patient — such as our Mobile Signature Capture solution.

Mobile Signature Capture enables patients to use their own smartphone or device to complete their documents securely during their care visit. Patients enjoy the familiarity and convenience of using their own device to complete their healthcare documents while providers can decrease cross-contamination risks and e-signing hardware costs.

Patient-centric technology solutions like Mobile Signature Capture help healthcare organizations compete with the ever-changing demands of the “consumer-minded” patients of today’s world. As patients begin to demonstrate more control over choosing their own providers, healthcare organizations will be required to not only prove their commitment to efficiency but also prove their commitment to a better overall user experience for the patient.


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