The Startling Costs of Poor Signage

MaHospital ground floor interior isometric design with mri facility patients nurses and doctor assistants abstract vector illustrationking sure patients, families and visitors can navigate your health system easily is a critical component of patient satisfaction. The more difficult it is for patients and families to find where they are going, the more frustrated they get.

Did you know? According to the Wall Street Journal and Convergent:

  • 30 percent of first time visitors get confused and lost when visiting the hospital
  • 25 percent of hospital staff can’t find their way around their own facility
  • It takes an average of 3 minutes of staff time to direct each lost visitor

Lost patients and families come at a cost—their frustration equals lower patient satisfaction scores resulting in lower reimbursement rates and lost staff time.
A clear wayfinding strategy can cut frustration and boost HCAHPS scores. Learn more in our E-Guide to Creating a Clear Wayfinding Strategy.

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Arundi Venkayya is marketing and public relations manager for Taylor Healthcare, curator of and administrator of the Sherman Award program which recognizes excellence in patient and family engagement. Before joining Taylor Healthcare, Arundi was an editor at the Dayton Daily News and served as public relations manager for Dayton Children's Hospital.

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