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Communication has been impacted for all of us and has forced us to think differently about how we digitally enable patient-provider conversations. During a period of distancing, how can we improve operational efficiency and patient experience?

Using mobile devices and communicating via text has become a comfortable and approved method of engagement. Healthcare providers are able to communicate directly with patients on their favorite platform: their phone, it has been found that less than 20% of patients log in to a portal or download an app, compared to the 97% who text. Text response rates have jumped to 209% since the beginning of 2020 compared to other communication methods it is widely accepted.¹

Still holding the phone about adopting text? Here are 10 reasons to consider texting for your patient-provider conversations:

  • Direct engagement – Real time messaging makes it feel like the conversation is happening as if it were in person. It takes 4 seconds to send a text and about 2 minutes on average for a phone call. Through a single click you free up almost one hour a day that is typically taken up by calling and you may not even reach the patient during that time and have to call again.
  • Enhancing patient experience – Adapting to what works for the patient removes stress and confusion, acknowledging what patients are juggling day to day at home and work, making their healthcare more accessible.
  • Convenience – No app or login required, authenticated text messaging has proven to be a secure means of communication; Using encryption to securely connect, ensures only the intended recipient can view the message(s).
  • Increases staff efficiency – Electronic records reduce dependencies on paper. A digitally stored and saved message becomes a way to track communication and confirmation allowing staff to focus on caring and helping more patients.
  • Lowers risk of cross-contamination – Avoiding potential exposure to infectious diseases. Text messaging can accommodate digital patient intake forms, consent and touchless payment options without needing any other device but their own mobile device.
  • Ease of adoption – Text messaging with no app or download required eliminates technical barriers and creates a seamless patient experience when used in a telehealth environment.
  • Increases patient satisfaction – Using the platform a patient prefers such as their phone allows them to handle and manage their healthcare and connect with their provider creating ease and comfort.
  •  Lowers costs – By using the patient’s own mobile device it removes the burden of supply chain demands on device allocation as well as maintenance of signature capture physical infrastructure.
  •  Lowers risk of lost documentation – As text message is already in digital format it can be stored and saved to the patients’ health record and used to refer back on in future visits.
  • Patient/Provider conversation – Texting allows for interactive patient/provider contact and supports critical clinical documentation such as informed consent.

When aligned with the right partner, healthcare systems have been able to improve the continuum of their care, form stronger relationships with their communities, and generate real improvements in the health of their patients. Taylor Healthcare has industry leading practices, utilized by hundreds of major health systems today. Using patented HIPAA compliant text messaging to securely authenticate patients, we help our customers improve patient check in and informed consent workflows. Our technology enables patients to review secure documents and doctors notes through secure, multilingual messaging on the patient’s mobile device or tablet.

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