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Taylor Healthcare, a part of Taylor Communications, Inc., is a marketing and communications company servicing the healthcare industry with a broad spectrum of tangible and digital solutions primarily in the acute, long-term care and payer markets. We help our clients standardize and manage communications across the continuum of care, enabling them to engage the right person with the right information at the right time to influence behavior and achieve desired outcomes.

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Top 5 Challenges Facing Healthcare Organizations in 2019

The New Year brings both obstacles and opportunities to healthcare organizations. Rising costs are having a significant impact on every aspect of business operations, while diverse healthcare...

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Healthcare Technology Empowering Clinicians to Improve Quality Outcomes

An emerging health IT trend for 2019, healthcare organizations are tasked with finding new digital tools to help improve overall quality of care. The pressure impacts clinicians directly as they...

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Digital Health Tools to Enhance Clinician Engagement

Physicians play one of the most important roles in the lives of their patients — and that’s educating them on how to navigate through their care. With the constantly rising costs of healthcare,...

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